Tears of Gold – 1994

One drop of gold for your future
One tear of gold for your past
One drop for your first suitor
One tear for the last

Eyes that cannot cry…for love or sorrow
are eyes that cannot see the morrow
It pains my soul to see an empty eye
…empty sightless eye to a celestial future is bound to die

One drop of gold for you
One tear of gold for me
One drop because I love you
One tear for eternity!

I see an eternity of love in your eyes
eyes softly glittering wet gold…white gold

Weep for comfort
Weep for Joy
Weep ’til your eyes can weep no more
For I live to see joy in your eyes.
To see it
To share in it

One drop
a glittering, starlight dream
a shiny silver gold stream
I am here for you, if only in spirit
One more
be comforted and know
now and forever,
I love you and THIS is joy
Let us share in it

I love you