Robert D Pemberton

A beginning



Dark Fire

That Dark fire who consumes all
I bid you farewell.
Fear’s not the courage you’re looking for
This is not your end.

Tried your worst to destroy
Lie and wait to burn it down
The castle fell
from dust the ruins cry

Basking in the fortunes of rage
The broken angel mired in shame
Halo’s fallen light yet dims
Let it yet renew.

As Heaven is Faithful
And Father’s Son is enough
Gift of Courage sought

My best songs are yet unsung
of this mortal heart they burn
Heaven hears the whispering
echoes of sorrow to joy

Open wide the fires of hell
I am alive
I am Gold
plucked from that fire
cast anew
quenched in Heaven’s tears
a new story to begin

The Young Prince

The Young Pince – 2006

A young prince rode into the night
the north star, his guiding light
To protect the ones he loved
With a power beyond his own he withstood
by grace and light to serve the good
the enemy feared his rallying cry
Unleashed a curse that he might die.Vision dimmed and a virtue lost
Inwardly denied the incredible cost
Exhaustion drove him to his knees
toward heaven rose his desperate pleas

With his might and strength near spent
His weapon dulled, his armor rent
many a foe lay at his feet
his stout heart cried, but knew not retreat


fierce betrayal dawned that day
fallen, broken he hopelessly lay
treachery stole the light of his soul
wondering now could he ever be whole?


Eyes closed he plead ever on
Dreams overtook him, he dreamt of the Son
The elements sang the firmament rejoiced
a song too sweet for human voice


He awoke to see the master there
Healing his many wounds with care
He marveled how with such great love
His life renewed his soul repaired


On bended knee and head bowed low
His tears streamed down and finally slowed
With a power beyond his own he stood
by grace and light to serve the good

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