Robert D Pemberton

A beginning



To Thee My Love

Sweetly sighs the midnight breeze
The gentle surf of tranquil seas
Caress my thoughts and dreams of thee
My love, thy heart, I long to see

Pure white gold of stars give light
Hope rekindled, inspiration bright
Awakening deep within my soul
My love, thy heart, I long to hold

Tears stream down my Angel’s face
Sorrow, bittersweet to taste
Beauty, love and humble grace
My love, thy heart, to embrace

A darkening hour gives way to dawn
Fear subsides and tears withdrawn
Horizons blessed by  promised light
My love, thy heart, to guide thru night

Music in my heart Inspire,
awakening an inner Fire,
My Queen,
My Hope,
My Love,
My Friend,
My love, thy heart, to lovingly mend

Crown of laurels in silken hair,
A ruler’s strength and wisdom’s heir,
Noble, Sweet, Merciful and Fair,
My Love, Thy Heart, to Guard with care.

Tears of Gold

Tears of Gold – 1994

One drop of gold for your future
One tear of gold for your past
One drop for your first suitor
One tear for the last

Eyes that cannot cry…for love or sorrow
are eyes that cannot see the morrow
It pains my soul to see an empty eye
…empty sightless eye to a celestial future is bound to die

One drop of gold for you
One tear of gold for me
One drop because I love you
One tear for eternity!

I see an eternity of love in your eyes
eyes softly glittering wet gold…white gold

Weep for comfort
Weep for Joy
Weep ’til your eyes can weep no more
For I live to see joy in your eyes.
To see it
To share in it

One drop
a glittering, starlight dream
a shiny silver gold stream
I am here for you, if only in spirit
One more
be comforted and know
now and forever,
I love you and THIS is joy
Let us share in it

I love you

Love died

Written March 2013

It begins like so many others
Full of hope
Full of    Love

Where does it go from here?
Where does it go from here?

So much love inside us
So much hope, a future bright

And we see it
in our eyes
in our dreams
in our hope
in our

Oh but that can’t be enough
that cannot be enough

There’s some powers that try so hard
to fight Love
and fight Love they do
and so many times tragedy strikes
and you find you don’t have enough light to withstand
and you find you don’t’ have the strength to fly

and then the tragedy strikes
someone you know
someone you love
someone you give your blood
someone’s whos heart you love
someone who’s soul you connected
someone who’s heart you protected
falls down

and theres nothing you could have done
nothing you could have done

just watch them die
watch them die
sit back and cry

and what power can resist
what mortal hand can stop it

and how I ran and hid
how I ran and hid
ran and hid

take me away
all this pain
how it can it be?
this is not what life is
how can it be?
how can it be?
This is not what life is
how can it


this happened to me
weep and cry

and slowly and slowly
slowly and slowly
love turns to blood
and slowly and slowly
anger creeps in
and slowly and slowly
love bleeds away
and slowly slowly
death creeps in my door
and slowly and slowly
I see it now catching my love
and she falls

and I call for her
she turns away
and though I call for her
she turns away

Oh and I see it in her eyes
and Oh I feel it in my soul
and Oh I know it can’t be true
but Love died.
But Love….

I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed
I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed
Oh how I wanted to turn and look…look away
who wants to see where love died?
and I’m ashamed,

I’m ashamed
I’m ashamed
How I just wanted to just turn away
Don’t want to see the place
where love died
where love died

and sometimes I see her ghost
walking around town
though I wish to reach for her
I know I can’t

How the corpse gave birth to anger
Oh how insanity comes in my door
Oh how love is forgotten

so many promises Left undone

When Love dies

Theres nothing left..
…Nothing left.

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