Robert D Pemberton

A beginning



Dark Fire

That Dark fire who consumes all
I bid you farewell.
Fear’s not the courage you’re looking for
This is not your end.

Tried your worst to destroy
Lie and wait to burn it down
The castle fell
from dust the ruins cry

Basking in the fortunes of rage
The broken angel mired in shame
Halo’s fallen light yet dims
Let it yet renew.

As Heaven is Faithful
And Father’s Son is enough
Gift of Courage sought

My best songs are yet unsung
of this mortal heart they burn
Heaven hears the whispering
echoes of sorrow to joy

Open wide the fires of hell
I am alive
I am Gold
plucked from that fire
cast anew
quenched in Heaven’s tears
a new story to begin

Sifting Sands – a poem on pride/humility, sin and repentance.

Sifting sands are interlaced

souls like grains innumerable

good and bad, light and dark

transcribed by fire to glass are we


the human family


and yet we see not

that hidden before our eyes

the hardened sands deceive

see what we wish to see


that I am right

and I am right

and I am right

and you are wrong


deceived by good intent

we see them not

we know them not

deceived by good intent


And so the master,

of all and all is he

hath said, to us

we are the grains,


transcribed by fire to glass

bound together as family

imperfect? yes

together, in imperfectness


forgive and forgive

forget and forget

seven times seven hundred

and then some


can I say I am the pure grain

and that you are the impure?

Shall I shatter the glass that was forged?

to judge which grain you are?


because in the glass is reflected clearly


that I am right

and I am right

and you are wrong.


And so in righteous fury

to assure that all see clearly

I shatter that which has been made

by holy hands and cleansing fire


and with its breaking

my vision is lost

for I have shattered family.

within that reflection, was me


and from the shards I bleed

hold aloft that grain of sand,

the impurity within the glass?

to shout to all the world that I was right

and I was right


can you not see that I am right?


and upon my hands,

the shards remain

still cutting

and I am sorrow

and I try,

how I try…

to put it back together.

but withhold forgiveness of that mote

In my eye there is no beam

so say I, it MUST repent!

or this cannot mend


I will not forgive and forgive

nor will I forget and forget

not once nor twice

til all acknowledge


that I was right

and I was right

and I was right

and you were wrong


and so it feels like poison

the helplessness

the powerlessness

the shame


I am free

and I have chosen

yet the poison still remains

the lie still remains


and so the Master

with fire and light and truth

forges on and purifies

the glass, the human family


the crystal lattice in beauty grows

as child bears child

the family grows

family grows


yet one thing remains

that one poor grain

it was I

it was I


can you forgive me?

tho’ I would not forgive?

will you forgive me?

tho’ I cannot forgive?


the poison is bitter

and I am imperfect

who will drink this cup?


the answer is clear


dear sister, dear brother

forgiveness is there

and He has drunk that bitter cup

He has drunk that bitter cup


within His holy house

the light, through crystal shines

on each wall the glass reflect

from eternity

to eternity


the Human Family

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