About Me


I believe in God, the creative force behind all life. I see life as an opportunity to show our true Character. Who are we? Kind or Cruel? Selfless or narcissistic? Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the difference between our imperfection and the perfection we strive for, will be made whole. The purpose of the Atonement – Forgiveness – is liberation from all weakness, pain, doubt and fear. Allowing us to march on in Hope despite great adversity. I am Mormon.


I love science. Despite my compass being set by my Faith, I find a great deal of satisfaction in endeavors of the mind. Knowledge and Discovery are two thing that I hope never cease to bring me Joy and wonder. Those who claim that Religious belief precludes search for scientific Discovery do not either discipline.
Science cannot disprove God, nor should it. If God exists and Science is the collection of our best measurable observations, then the two need not ever collide.

I have LONG believed that as we learn more, seemingly divergent ideas, both showing kernels of Truth, will merge once they are more fully understood.


I love of the Founders of the U.S. Constitution. I have come to a true understanding of Liberty. After years of reflection and review, I proudly call myself a Constitutional Libertarian.


I love cultures the world over. My insatiable curiosity drives to approach people from different backgrounds to discover. Each culture I have studied has shown me a beautiful piece of the human family that I want to share with everyone.


I am happily married. I’m interested in talking to those who want to address social issues in marriage, addiction and family such as the shortage of quality men, abandoned wives/kids, divorced/widowed women.


I have about 700 pages of High-Fantasy. I’ve written a action / mystery / horror with moral overtones. I’m not sure what to do with it next.