Sweetly sighs the midnight breeze
The gentle surf of tranquil seas
Caress my thoughts and dreams of thee
My love, thy heart, I long to see

Pure white gold of stars give light
Hope rekindled, inspiration bright
Awakening deep within my soul
My love, thy heart, I long to hold

Tears stream down my Angel’s face
Sorrow, bittersweet to taste
Beauty, love and humble grace
My love, thy heart, to embrace

A darkening hour gives way to dawn
Fear subsides and tears withdrawn
Horizons blessed by  promised light
My love, thy heart, to guide thru night

Music in my heart Inspire,
awakening an inner Fire,
My Queen,
My Hope,
My Love,
My Friend,
My love, thy heart, to lovingly mend

Crown of laurels in silken hair,
A ruler’s strength and wisdom’s heir,
Noble, Sweet, Merciful and Fair,
My Love, Thy Heart, to Guard with care.